CIP Process

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What Is CIP and CIL?

Carbon-in-pulp(CIP) and Carbon-in-leach(CIL) method are new processes for processing precious metal-containing pulp on the basis of the conventional cyanide gold extraction method. In CIP process, leaching and adsorption are two operations, the leaching tank is used for cyanide leaching of the slurry, and the carbon slurry tank is used for adsorption of gold by activated carbon.

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Pine oil in flotation process

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Pine Oil Uses In Flotation Process

Pine oil is a chemical reagent. Pine oil uses in flotation process as an excellent foaming agent, and it has been widely used in mineral processing plants around the world.

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electrowinning of gold

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Process of Electrowinning of Gold

Process of electrowinning of gold, also called electric extraction, is a process of recovering gold by desorption electrolysis of gold loaded carbon under high temperature and high pressure conditions. It is an important part in the gold cyanidation process. Why is this process widely used in mineral processing plants?

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Gold recovery cyanide process

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How to Extract Refractory Gold Ore Using Gold Recovery Cyanide Process?

Gold recovery cyanide process is widely used. A professional gold recovery industry that handles high-sulfur, high-arsenic, and other refactory gold concentrates, the arsenic grade is about 10%. The high-sulfur and high-arsenic gold concentrate is pretreated by two-stage roasting, and the two-stage roasting sand is leached into the gold recovery cyanide process by sulfuric acid leaching.

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Gold Cyanidation Plant

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How to Improve Gold Recovery Rate in Percolation Cyanidation?

The key to improving the gold recovery rate of percolation cyanidation is to enhance the permeability of the heap and make the leachate fully contact and react with the free gold in the ore.

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Gold Percolation Cyanidation

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Gold Percolation Cyanidation

The cyanidation gold extraction process is the main method for extracting gold from ores or concentrates. Percolation cyanidation process is a method of gold cyanidation processes. Percolation cyanidation method is a relatively simple and inexpensive method of extracting gold.

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flotation reagent

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Six Factors Affecting Gold Cyanide Leaching Process

Gold cyanide leaching process is the main method for extracting gold from ores or concentrates by using cyanide. But do you know the factors affecting gold cyanide leaching process?

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Extraction of Gold by Flotation Process

Extraction of gold by flotation process is based on the difference of physical and chemical properties of the ore surface, and is processed by flotation reagent to make the useful mineral adhere to the bubble to achieve the purpose of gold extraction.

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