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YANTAI CNLITE MINERAL PROCESSING REAGENTS CO., LTD. provides various kinds of flotation reagent, including flotation collectors, flotation frothers, flotation conditioners, etc. Our flotation reagents are widely used for copper, lead, nickel polymetallic sulfide ore, non-sulfide ore and precious minerals like gold and silver, aiming to help miners improve their flotation process as well as raise useful minerals' recovery rate. Up to now, we have served both at home and abroad, with products exported to many countries.

Flotation Collectors Flotation Frothers Flotation Conditioners

Flotation Collector

Flotation collector is a kind of organic substance that can selectively act on the surface of minerals to make the ore particles hydrophobic, so that the ore can be catched by the foam and float to the surface of ore pulp, thus being collected. Flotation collectors have many kinds, including xanthate, dithiophosphate and so on.

Flotation Frothers

Flotation fother, also called foaming agent, mainly acts on the water-air interface, which makes air diffuse into small bubbles in the slurry and can improve the bubble mineralization and the bubble stability during the floating process. While flotation frothers can adjust the chemical action between other agents (mainly collectors) and the mineral surface, adjust the properties of the slurry, and then improve the selectivity to the targeted minerals.

Flotation Conditioners

There are many kinds of flotation conditioners, which can be divided into activators, inhibitors, pH conditioners, dispersant, flocculant and defoamer according to their main effects. They can adjust the situation of ore pulp during the flotation process and make the collector and frother more effective, thus getting better flotation index.

Classic Case

Classic Case

This lead-zinc polymetallic mine was located in the “three-river” High Mountain and canyon area of eastern Tibet and the elevation was from 3200 to 4040m. The characteristic of the mine was mainly mineral assemblages of Pb, Sb and Zn. Pb and Sb were closely associated with each other. The jamesonite ores were distributed irregularly and widely. The Pb, Sb and Zn grade of the raw ore were 4.12%, 3.71% and 1.74%. According to the characters of the ore, it use the proper froth flotation reagents and get the high flotation recovery.

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