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How to Choose the Flotation Reagent

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Choosing the flotation reagent is crucial for flotation process. In the flotation process, in addition to using water as a medium, it is necessary to add additional reagents, which can separate useful minerals from gangue minerals effectively, or to separate various useful minerals. And these reagents are more beneficial to flotation among minerals by changing the physicochemical properties of mineral surface. These reagents are called flotation reagents.

80% of the mineral is hydrophilic in nature, so the addition of flotation reagents is mainly to change the wettability of some mineral particles in the mineral surface, and adjust the mineral surface selectivity, so that some mineral particles can adhere to the bubble, while some cannot. To achieve the purpose of separation of minerals, mineral flotation process must be controlled artificially. For example, using collectors may increase the hydrophobicity of certain minerals, using inhibitors can selectively increase the hydrophilicity of certain minerals. The wettability differences of different minerals can be improved by artificial control so as to achieve the purpose of mineral separation.

According to the characteristics of flotation process, the basic principles for selecting flotation reagents are as follows:

1. Analysis of Ore Properties

In the selection of flotation reagents, it is necessary to analyze the floatability of the ore, the size composition of the ore, metamorphic grade, the nature and category of other impurities, and the degree of oxidation of ore, etc. Because these aspects not only determine the type of flotation reagents required, but also have a huge impact on the amount of flotation reagents needed. For example, during the flotation of deep-oxidized ores, using non-polar and heteropolar flotation reagents can achieve good flotation performance.

2. Harmless Flotation Reagent

The flotation reagents selected should not be harmful to the humans. No strong irritation and other adverse effects on human eyes, ears, nose and skin.

3. Production Capacity and Product Quality of Flotation Reagent

The selected flotation reagents should make the flotation process have better selectivity and faster flotation speed, so as to achieve larger flotation production capacity and obtain high-quality foam products.

4. Note that the Nature of the Flotation Foam

During the selection of flotation reagents, especially the selection of foaming agents, we need to focus on the nature of the foam formed, to create favorable conditions for the filtration and dehydration of flotation foam products. If the foam is too viscous or too stable, either side is not conducive to the filtration and dehydration process of the foam product.

5. Features of Selected Flotation Reagent

Since the processing capacity of ore flotation is huge and the consumption of flotation reagents is large. The selected flotation reagents should be as follows:

1) Low unit consumption and low cost.

2) The composition of flotation reagent is stable with less impurity.

3) Easy access to materials to ensure supply.

4) Does not contain any toxic ingredients that pollute the environment.

The floatability and unfloatability of minerals are generally referred to as the floatability of minerals. Flotation reagents are crucial in modern flotation process. The floatability of minerals can be changed to achieve the purpose of mineral dressing after being treated with appropriate flotation reagents, and the flotation range of flotation cell can be enlarged by flotation reagents. Thus it can be seen right flotation reagents for flotation process is indispensable.


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