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Gold Percolation Cyanidation

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Gold Percolation Cyanidation

The cyanidation gold extraction process is the main method for extracting gold from ores or concentrates, which is mainly divided into two processes, namely, tank leaching cyanidation method and heap leaching cyanidation method. The heap leaching method is mainly used to treat low-grade gold ore. The tank leaching cyanidation method is a traditional immersion gold method, mainly divided into two types: percolation cyanidation process and agitation cyanidation process. Now we will specifically explain the gold percolation cyanidation process.

Features of Gold Percolation Cyanidation

Percolation cyanidation method is a relatively simple and inexpensive method of extracting gold. The advantage of this method is that it consumes less solvent and less power, and eliminates the need for expensive concentrators or filters. Compared with the agitation cyanidation method, the disadvantages of the percolation cyanidation method are: long working time, large equipment, large floor space, incomplete washing and low extraction rate of gold, thus often only suitable for small-scale gold mines, especially individual gold mining.

Application of Gold Percolation Cyanidation

The percolation cyanidation process is suitable for the treatment of alluvial sand, loose and porous materials, and slag. The percolation cyanidation process can handle materials up to -10 mm. If clay, slime or finely ground materials contained in the ore, the percolation effects will decline. Therefore, the slime must be separated before percolation cyanidation method is used. Sludge and finely ground materials are usually treated by agitation cyanidation.

Operation Process of Gold Percolation Cyanidation

The ore ready for leaching is first filled in a percolation leaching tank (pool) and then leached with a cyanide solution. The cyanide solution slowly permeates the ore layer to dissolve the gold. The gold-containing solution (pregnant liquid) passes through a filter bottom (false bottom) slightly higher than the bottom of the tank, and flows out of the pipe on the wall of the tank. The tube is located between the bottom of the tank and the bottom of the filter. After the alluvial ore is treated with the cyanide solution, it is washed with water to wash out the gold-containing solution remaining in the ore.

The gold-containing solution flowing out of the tank is sent to a displacement precipitating device to precipitate gold. The precipitated de-golden poor liquid is sent to the lean liquid pool, and the appropriate amount of cyanide is added to increase the concentration for the next batch of new ore. The ore after washing with water is the tailings of percolation cyanidation and are discharged manually or mechanically, and then the next batch goes on operation.

In actual gold percolation cyanidation process, CNLITE gold leaching agent can be use to extract gold, which is low-toxicity, environmental-friendly and without changing the original cyanide equipment and process.


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